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About Us

Welcome to mSeller, the Next Generation Mobile Sales app. mSeller was born through the unique expertise of two partners Williams Commerce and Computoy, two specialists in their fields. First released in 2011, mSeller has gained customers in a wide range of industries and sectors, and through continuous improvement and new development continues to lead the field as the app of choice for sales teams worldwide.

“mSeller has revolutionised my business, my sales team have up to the minute information about all of our customers whilst being able to work faster, more efficiently and focus on growing our business to the next level” Sergio Tartaglia, Sales Director, Kingfisher.

The cost of running a sales team is expensive, so make sure they can really perform for your business by having all the right information to make that next sale bigger, more profitable and deliver a great experience to your customers.

mSeller is a comprehensive iPad app allowing you to synchronise your product catalogue, prices, customers information such as aged Debt, invoice and order history whilst allowing you to place orders and remotely sync them with your back office systems whilst your sales team are on the road.

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