Three solutions to fit any business size

mSeller offers businesses the most capable and comprehensive catalogue and order management app available on the market today.  With continual investment and development, the mSeller team continues to add more features and functionality in line with customers’ needs.  You’ll wonder how your business ever lived without it!

mSeller Review
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  •   • Replace hard copy catalogues
  •   • Keep your workforce updated in real time
  •   • View all transactions amongst sales force
  •   • Organise and manage photo sequence
  •   • Place products in multiple categories
  •   • 100% interconnectivity not required
  •   • No local PC syncing needed

mSeller Enterprise
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  •    All the features of mSeller Review and Pro plus;
  •   • Sales team management
  •   • Display call log history via customer screen.
  •   • Automatic and manual creation of appointment lists.
  •   • Calendar auto logging of all created transactions
  •   • View historical quotations.
  •   • View product sales history.

View our detailed features list below

Management Viewpoint
mSeller FEATURE Review Professional Enterprise SOP7
Get your salesteam to plan their visits and setup customer appointments within the app in an organised way.
Get users to email you a list of intended customer visits, showing dates and times for confirmed appointments and indicators of unconfiremd appointments
Sync up users ipad business calendars with your office calendar so that you know what they planned, where they went and what they did.
View Head Office map of who did what business and where they did it.
See where visits are made, but no transactions created and why no business was obtained.
Set and use sales targets, customer targets, product group targets, monthly breakdown targets per sales team member.
Use previous years turnover within a formula to create new sales targets.
Compare current sales performance against current targets.
View salesman’s visits and monitor salesman’s contact with customers as part of the customer CRM profile, from within mSeller and via the SOP.
Use supervisor mode to view all user transactions, or per user within specified date range, filtered by transaction type (quote, order etc).
Use for tele-sales department and monitor call log history.
Sales-team Viewpoint
mSeller FEATURE Review Professional Enterprise SOP7
Use the app offline (connectivity only required at point of new data retrieval, order transmission and email sending).
Create, maintain and amend appointments directly from the app using call-list feature.
Organise visit sequence each week and email it to the office, if required.
Automatically create transaction recording directly to ipad calendar.
Gps navigation to and from customers and from and to home location.
Display customers within radius of a) current location, b) specified customer or address.
Setup call cycle dates at point of completing a transaction.
Monitor own performance, per product type, by month, by customer (with easy to view graphs and tables).
Display products according to largest/smallest qty in stock.
Filter the display to include or exclude "out of stock" items.
Display products by price range.
Place single product in multiple categories.
Perform on-site customer stock-take and automatically or manually create a replenishment order or quotation for customer approval.
View promotional items within product groups.
Sales history display, email and print (back orders and/or invoices).
100% internet connectivity not required.
Select multiple products to add to transaction.
Display PDF corporate brochure.
Interactive customer experience.
Capture more sales with fewer samples.
View stock level and future stock availability.
Product detail shows stock levels including further expected consignments and due purchase order receipt dates.
View full product specification.
Item extended notes can be displayed with product detail, including dimensions, cube, weight, size, colour, layers per pallet etc.
Key-enter, scan, browse for products.
Customer Orders, Quotes, Proformas.
Produce customer invoices from the app.
Customer profile incl. Order & invoice history.
Customer profiling for previous quotes and call-logs.
Customer pricing (multiple permutations).
Customer pricing advanced (qty break, item group/product group).
Disciplined price and qty sales (with and without override warnings).
Aged debt analysis and statistics.
Validate order item price against minimum price.
Log and collect customer payments. Print Payment receipts.
Display & Print cost and margin values (%) per item, per order and per order list.
Hold selected orders.
Calendar auto logging of all created transactions.
Automatic and manual creation of appointment lists.
Log customer visits regardless of creating order.
Print customer confirmations and reports.
Multiple images per product.
Send account application form to new customers.
Send company terms and conditions letter to customers.
E-mail customer confirmations (multiple formats).
Multi-currency sales.
Mix quotations and orders in single transaction.
Mix multiple delivery points in single transaction.
Mix multiple delivery dates in single transaction.
Customer mapping locations.
Delivery point mapping.
Customer, delivery points and new customer/prospects setup.
Accurate stock levels.
Call logging.
Sales team analysis/reporting.
Display cost and margin (if authorised).
Display order summary for immediate and "to follow" deliveries.
Display associated files per product (MSWord, Excel, PDF and .mov/mp4 movie files), eg safety certificates, specification etc.
Show company introduction video.
Campaign and promotional pricing.
Display product variants alongside main product.
Display customer outstanding order history and invoiced history.
Copy items previously purchased at "last price paid" to current transaction.
Display previous customer quotes within customer profile.
Display product history to show which customers have back orders and have been invoiced.
Automatically apply break quantity pricing - based upon order quantity.
Apply product discounts against product type and customer groups.
TEAMTALK feature, Mobile workforce communication.
Add all displayed items using selectable default qty to the transaction.
Retain all saved and sent transactions for viewing/analysis.
Office viewpoint – Sales Order Processing Interface Console
mSeller FEATURE Review Professional Enterprise SOP7
Produce hard copy catalogues and barcodes.
Organise and manage photo sequence.
Organise and manage product group sequence.
Hold quotations.
Hold orders for accounts on stop.
Hold orders where items are sold at invalid prices.
Hold Proforma sales.
Hold orders for new customers and new delivery addresses.
Report upon held orders and reason for holding.
Import targets spreadsheet for analysis and transmission to Ipads (Enterprise only).
Automatically split customer and history database according to customer-rep assignment.
Automatically email internal sales staff about new orders received.
Automatically email externally where sales staff have requested eg Excel format acknowledgement.
Automatically email mSeller helpdesk in case of order import failure.
Report upon all orders, chronologically, by rep ID, by order taker etc.
Create and maintain product promotional groups.
Filter product transmission for individual mSeller users (block product types).

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