Aside from allowing you easy, interactive access to your sales catalogue, customer history, stock availability and more, there are many more time-saving and convenient features to the mSeller app.

Firstly, the mSeller delivers daily reports with its simple statistics and reporting module. This function allows users to analyse sales by product, category, date range and by customer, with data conveyed automatically in simple pie charts, line graphs and tables.

 Likewise, your entire customer history and your full transaction list are accessible from the app.

mSeller also allows users to manage transactions – to save, edit, delete or even hold orders from your finger-tips. All sales can be totalled and filtered within a specified, adjustable date range, allowing you great flexibility, while all transaction history then can be easily emailed or printed.

One of the major advantages of mSeller is that users can access the app in offline mode. Whenever an Internet connection indicator is displayed, your tablet will transmit and/or receive updates – yet all functionality will remain even in periods when the internet is not available.

Last but not least, the app can be integrated with office software suites – we can help advise on the best data integration for you.

If you would like to find out more information about mSeller, the Next Generation Mobile Sales app, please visit the contact page of our site to drop us a line!