At mSeller, we are constantly adding new features and modules to help give your favourite sales app that little bit extra. The mSeller app has been helping businesses globally for nearly four years and in this time we’ve seen some incredible, “game-changing” features, which help save time and increase sales for your sales team.

One thing that has become incredibly important to businesses over the past few years is branding. There’s huge merit in creating a brand, which represents your company’s image and values. Businesses globally are constantly evolving their brand to help “refesh” and retain their appeal, whilst targeting prospective customers.

We believe that branding shouldn’t just be about the colour of your office, or the uniform worn, but a consistent theme throughout your business. With this in mind, we are proud to introduce the new mSeller branding module:


Allow us to customise your favourite sales app to represent your company branding, including:

  • Font colours
  • The header and footer of the app (top and bottom bars)
  • The catalogue page, including category and promotional group tiles
  • All product views, including the “flipped” order panel and extra information screen
  • Customer records
  • Current and saved transaction screens

We don’t do “similar”

We can use any colour of your choice. If your company uses a particular shade, simply provide us with the hex colour code and we’ll take care of it.


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