Now that another of the season’s trade exhibitions is done and dusted:

This is a great time to review your sales presentation and ordering systems.

Why not wrap your sales management, CRM, catalogue presentation, quotation and ordering systems into a single superb APP that can connect directly to your office software ?

Don’t fall in the swamp to be swallowed up by an aggressively indiscriminate, strangely coloured reptile. 

We recognise that your company is unique and therefore warrants the best individual and personal attention.

“One size doesn’t fit all”. That’s why we offer several levels of mSeller.

Our speciality is working with you to apply the right technology and software to your unique circumstances.

Unlike other providers, strength of service and power of software are what we offer to All our clients as standard.

  • Have you finished adding up the order values, separated out the Proformas and split the statistics per individual sales rep and sales agent?
  • Have you keyed all the show orders, quotations and new customers to your head office ERP system?
  • Can you instantly know what product types and values each of your sales staff sold?
  • Did you follow up those sales enquiries from new prospective customers, who didn’t place orders at the show, but just noted down of some of your products?
  • Have you worked out your stock requirements for the year, based upon your show sales?
  • Have you measured sales performance against previous shows and sales periods?
  • Were you able to give your customers printed presentation quotes and order acknowledgements on your stand at point of order placement? If so could you give them spreadsheets, photos along with terms and conditions?
  • Did your sales staff instantly know what stock quantities were left to sell in real time on the stand.

Our customers who used the mSeller Ipad app at shows, were able to do all these things and a whole lot more. They are also equipped to do exactly the same “on the road” and in their own “showrooms”.

Don’t just believe what we say. Listen to what our customers say:

  • mSeller is the best piece of software we ever adopted”
  • “using mSeller, our sales staff are now building the biggest and most accurate orders ever”
  • “Now we can analyse what business we aren’t getting and why, as well as the business we are getting”
  • “Non-essential sales staff communication has reduced significantly, whilst order values have increased”
  • “A cracking app that does just what we want”
  • “mSeller has revolutionised the way our sales team works”

All this at a low monthly cost.

  • No upfront setup charges or license fees
  • No annual maintenance contract cost.
  • Just a fantastic piece of software at a great value price.
  • mSeller can be interfaced with practically any head office ERP system.

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