Three Editions to Suit Any Business Size

  • mSeller Lite
  • mSeller Pro
  • mSeller Enterprise

The Ultimate Product Catalogue

The mSeller Lite is an interactive catalogue, perfect for providing customers with a virtual experience of product ranges. What’s more is that it couldn’t be easier to use. The mSeller Lite is ideal for presentations, finding out product information, displaying photos of variants and alternative images…all at your fingertips.

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Features List

  • • Replace hard copy Catologues
  • • Keep your workforce updated in realtime
  • • Organise and Manage photo sequence
  • • Place products in multiple categories
  • • 100% Internet connectivity not required
  • • No local PC syncing needed
  • • Select multiple products

Features List

  • • Display PDF corporate brochure
  • • Simple to use
  • • Interactive customer experience
  • • Capture more sales with fewer samples
  • • View stock level and future availability
  • • View full product specification
  • • Key-enter, scan, browse for products

An advanced ordering system with superb functionality.

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The mSeller Pro contains all the features of Lite plus

  • • Customer Orders, Quotes, Proformas
  • • Customer profile incl. order & invoice history
  • • Customer-specific pricing (every permutation)
  • • Disciplined price and qty sales
  • • Aged debt analysis and statistics
  • • Accurate real-time stock levels
  • • Customer, delivery points, New prospects setup
  • • Customer mapping locations

Features List

  • • Mix multiple delivery dates in single transaction
  • • Mix multiple delivery points in single transaction
  • • Mix quotations and orders in single transaction
  • • Multi-currency sales
  • • E-mail customer confirmations (multiple formats)
  • • Multiple images per product
  • • Print customer confirmations and reports

The complete order management system.

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All the features of Lite and Pro plus;

  • • Call logging and sales team management
  • • Log customer visits regardless of creating order
  • • Automatic and manual creation of appointment  lists.
  • • Calendar auto logging of all created transactions
  • • Hold selected orders
  • • Sell for multiple delivery dates, within a single transaction
  • • Display & Print Margin, profitability % and values, per order line and per whole order.
  • • Log and collect customer payments. Print payment receipts.
  • • Validate order item price against minimum price.
  • • Display cost and margin (if authorised).
  • • Display order summary per requd. delivery point and requd. delivery date.

Features List

  • • Display files linked to each product (MSWord, Excel, PDF)
  • • Show company introduction video
  • • Campaign and promotional pricing
  • • Display product variants alongside main product
  • • Include and display multiple images per single product
  • • Display previous customer quotes within customer history.
  • • Auto apply break quantity pricing- based upon order quantity.
  • • Apply product discounts against product type and customer groups.
  • • Auto insert carriage charge based upon order valuation
  • • TEAMTALK feature. Mobile workforce communication
  • • Scan multiple items and display the batch on iPad screen.
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