With mSeller, hard copy sales catalogues are a thing of the past for the modern day sales agent. This new Ipad app is ideal for sales teams and sales agents alike who want to be able present their company’s product range offline. Using this app, customers can simply navigate through your product range and place orders, with all the information being transmitted back to head office.

Using mSeller, sales staff can create profiles for each customer, receive up-to-date information about their customer’s account status while also having access to a detailed history of their designated accounts.

In addition, the app provides a customer map, showing locations of each customer while also aiding in the scheduling of appointments. In addition, mSeller can compare sales performance against targets and convert quotes to orders.

The app design goes even further, enabling the salesperson to quickly capture an accurate transaction. By providing full product specifications, price structures, stock availability and delivery options, mSeller offers a dynamic way of displaying a company’s range of products before placing orders through the app. Ideal for any sales team or agent, mSeller goes a long way towards modernising the sales business.

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